Cantate cairote

Une performance avec 'el Warsha',
la compagnie de Hassan el Geretly

مقطوعة القاهرة

Cairo cantata

A performance with 'el Warsha',
the company from Hassan el Geretly
Concept, conducting/direction, multimedia musician Jacques Siron
Actors and singers/chanteurs Ahmed Shoukry, Bassem Wadie, Dalia El Guindy, Mohamed Ismael (Mido), Lana Mushtaq, Zakariya Tag El Sir (Zizo), Abeer Ali, Momen Zaki, El Zahraa Ahmed, Mohamed Gamal, Yasmeen Osama, Bahaa Tolbah, Mohamed Shaarawi, Shaymaa El Alayly, Hazem El Sawaf, Safaa Helaly
Musicians/instrumentistes Maged Soliman (oud), Gamal Mossaad (tabla), Raafat Farahat (kawala), Amr Darwish (violin)
Artistic collaborator/collaborateur Hassan El Geretly     
Consultants Dalia El Abd (movement), Shady Atef (text)
Photos Mostafa Abdel Aty ©


production  El Warsha (Hassan el geretly), Jacques Siron
financial support  Pro Helvetia Cairo
premiere/création  April 8 2017, D-CAF Festival, Falaki Theater, Cairo
length/durée  environ/around 60 minutes

The 'Cairo Cantata' has received the support from Pro Helvetia.
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The art
of the Cantata

The ‘Cairo Cantata’ is a live portrait of the town of Cairo, involving sounds, actions, movements and situations. The actors, singers and musicians of el Warsha interact with Jacques Siron, a stranger who tries to organize the mess — some times succeeding, some times failing. The El Warsha craft of storytelling blends with polyphony, an art of superimposing voices, noises, songs, words, rhythms, humor, paths, talents.

The moods alternate from minimalism to extreme thickness, from silence to chaos, from small bits and pieces to full developments. The unexpected is invited to the party, providing the unique taste of a spicy affair with Cairo.

El Warsha

El Warsha is the first independent company in Egypt, creates contemporary theatre works, and tours them locally and internationally. It was founded in 1987 by Hassan El Geretly. El Warsha has striven to develop an alternative cultural milieu by collaborating with others in Egypt, in the Arab World and beyond.

The company is involved in many projects, often findimg inspiration in daily life, after having interacted, for the previous few years, with western theatre and then with Egypt’s popular cultures. This process involves a great deal of research, vocational training and outreach work.


Dawn rising in Cairo
  Trafic in Cairo (motorcycles, pedestrians)
  Mobile telephone in trafic
  Policeman caught up in trafic
  Metro in Cairo
  Dalia el Abd's dance with vocal quartet
  Conducted sounds and faces
  Safa Helaly's dance
  Hassan el Geretly et Jacques Siron avec la troupe